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Do you need to search the voters roll for Scotland? Searching the voters roll, sometimes called the Electoral roll or Electoral register, is quick and easy using online services like 192.

In Scotland the right to vote extends to all people over the age of 18. These details are held on the Voters Roll. If you need to find a persons address in Scotland then searching the voters roll can produce very fast results.

Our preferred search provider 192 holds millions of names and addresses and allows you to access the edited version of the voters roll as well as other search databases.

You can search just by the persons name or use some of the many powerful filters to narrow down your search, for example you can choose to search only for persons aged between 30 and 35, or only for people living within 21 miles of Inverness, or by occupation or even just search for people who live with a Flora McDonald.

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Searching the Scottish Voters Roll

In order to search the voters roll for Scotland you simply need the persons first name and surname, if you have a middle initial or rough idea where they may be living ie a radius of 32 miles from Edinburgh  this will help to reduce the number of results and help you to find the person you are searching for faster.

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